Glare Plugins in Ventuz 5

Dear Ventuzians,
as you’ve probably already heard, Ventuz 5 has been released! I’m sure you’re wondering in what way an upgrade may affect the plugins you’ve become so fond of over the past few years. Here are some first details for you:

Plugins in Ventuz 5
We have tested our plugins with Ventuz 5 and updated the version info on the product pages. Most plugins are still running without any problems in the standard mode. Some plugins don’t work properly in the HDR mode, so we wouldn’t recommend combining HDR with our plugins at the moment.

New Ventuz dongles
With Ventuz 5 come new dongles. They use a new technology that won’t allow to store files on them. This has an impact on our older plugins. The ones that use license files we generated for you based on your dongle IDs. So if you still use those plugins or depend on them for some of your older scenes you must not switch your dongle for the new one. When you contact Ventuz Sales for your Ventuz 5 upgrade, tell them you need to keep your old dongle because you need to continue using your plugins. They will just unlock your Ventuz 5 license for your existing dongle. Again: the combination of the old copy protected plugins and the newest Ventuz dongles will not work. All the newer plugins are not copy protected and will not have any issues.